Ultranoob question: creating page content (and controlling layout thereof) from a custom form

I’m looking for something that will help content creators: it isn’t exactly a shopping cart I’m looking for: I have files that my customers will download (PDFs mostly) and I want content creators to be able to create “Profiles” for these documents. I want them to use a form specific to the need of describing these PDF files… including setting hierarchical categories from dropdown lists.

Once submitted, the “Profile” should just appear like any other article, searchable etc.,

So, I need to a) be able to create this form for data entry, b) add arbitrary metadata choices to controls, c) control layout of the rendered “Profile”.

Are there modules or components to use for something like this (perhaps Ultracart or DrupalCommerce?)

If this is going to be a bunch of custom development, that’s fine, I would just like to know rather than trying to find available modules that don’t exist.

Thanks in advance

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