UNABLE TO EDIT & Save Changes-Drupal 8

Hello drupal veterans i am really i need of help here i feel like taking down my site and recreatting it using another cms but first i came here

okay i developed my website locally before moving it to a live server. everything was okay in localhost but since uploading it, its been a hell.

the issue at hand is, i am unable to save any i make in my site especially when using the ck editor. i cant save html code, but it seems to save plain text. i can input the changes but when i press save the page just loads and rolls back to the same point without any changes saved or maybe a success notification.

somebody please help cause if ti means that evrytime i need to create an article i have to reupload the whole site each time, i am about to take this site down if thats the case guys

any help will he highly appreciated.

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