Update from 8.3.7 to 8.4.0 – error in execute line 246 from FormattableMarkup.php


I’ve just upgraded Drupal on my production site from 8.3.7 to 8.4.0. Before that i had tested it on local environment. All was fine so i’ve decided to deal with it on my site. Everything went fine i guess, because my site is working, but during installation process i’ve got one extra PHP fatal error:

Allowed memory size of 134217728 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 4104 bytes) in (...)/core/lib/Drupal/Component/Render/FormattableMarkup.php on line 246 
The external command could not be executed due to an application error.

On server i have 128 MB RAM and it looks like limitation of this caused this error. Site is working, but i don’t know if i should worry about it.


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