update the database

I have few sites in a drupal 8 multisite installation.
I have updated the core via composer to v8.6.3 and updated the database of one of the sites.
I didn’t realize that I have to update the database of each site.

I already updated some of the sites but in some of them I can’t load the /user/login page.
I’m receiving an error:
The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
I’m getting this error aswell, when I navigate in some pages in the site, which the database has not been upgraded.
When I update the database there is no error.

If I would have 200 sites it will be painful to login and update each one in the UI. I would like to do it with the commmand line if it’s possible with only one command. Sure there are commands to do that.

I tried this command

 drush updatedb
 [success] No database updates required.

I found this article:

Updating a Drupal multisite using Drush


I’m using this command to update all the sites

drush @sites updatedb
 [preflight] The alias @sites could not be found.

I tried to update a single site with

drush nameofthesite.domain.xyz updatedb

Command “nameofthesite.domain.xyz” is not defined.

nameofthesite.domain.xyz is in the list of the sites.php

Thank you.

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