Update version 8.5.6 to 8.57

Hello everyone

sorry for my English.

We use Drupal for the site of our company. It’s a great tool!

But we encountered a problem to update Drupal.
Currently the version of Drupal is 8.5.6.
We tried to migrate to 8.6, without success.
So we tried to update to version 8.5.8 (for the security update). The update is going well but it is no longer possible to create or modify a content.
Below is the error message that appears after clicking the “save” button.

Le site Web a rencontré une erreur inattendue. Veuillez essayer de nouveau plus tard.</br></br><em class="placeholder">InvalidArgumentException</em>: Class &quot;Drupalmenu_uiPluginValidationConstraintMenuSettingsConstraintValidator&quot; does not exist.

So we tried to update to version 8.5.7.
When we click on “Update Drupal” (update.php), this error message appears:

The website encountered an unexpected error. Please try again later.
RuntimeException: Unable to determine class for field type ‘telephone’ found in the ‘field.storage.contact_message.field_votre_telephone’ configuration in DrupalfieldFieldStorageConfigStorage->mapFromStorageRecords() (line 160 of core/modules/field/src/FieldStorageConfigStorage.php).

Here is the set up procedure we follow:
– transfer the new CORE and VENDOR files in this form: CORE_NEWS, VENDOR_NEWS (FTP)
– empty the cache
– put the site in maintenance mode
– Rename the current CORE and VENDOR folders, in CORE_OLD and CORE_OLD
– rename the folders loaded in CORE and VENDOR
– replace the files at the root except the file ROBOTS.txt and HTACCESS
– replace the files in the SITE folder and under DEFAULT directory
– Go to the update.php page
– Update the database
– Unless error message, return to the home page
– remove the maintenance mode of the site
– delete the CORE_OLD and VENDOR_OLD folders.

Do you have any ideas about the errors encountered?
Thank you for your help.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/21/feed