Use Drupal only as Blocks frontend

Hi to all,

I’m starting a new project that consists in migrating an old CMS to a new CMS. The new CMS it is not Drupal, but all content are delivered via API, the page structure too. The page structure is a Json file with a set of entries that contains the name of the block and the parameters.

As a user of Drupal, I would like to use Drupal for the frontend of the other CMS, because blocks can be very powerfull and allow us to develop separatelly the parts of the frontend. Drupal also gives a lot of things like advanced cache and public blocks that allow us to develop the product quickly.

With this approach we only need to develop Drupal blocks in order to build the frontend. The page structure with the blocks configuration and order is given via API.

¿is posible to link Drupal with this API to instance the blocks dinamically, instead of attack the database?


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