user_external_invite 7.x-1.2

Release notes

WARNING: This release adds new features and changes the UI of the module. The “admin/people/invite” screen has been separated into sending invites, on “admin/people/invite” and managing invites, on “admin/people/invite/operations.” Please plan accordingly for this UI change.

A new feature has been added for resending an invite that you can use on the operations screen. Users can provide a new message to users when the new invite is sent, but the rest of the email uses the template for sending an initial email.

A new API hook has been added to provide module developers with the ability to add checks that can prevent an invite from being sent. If a hook returns a message, then the invite will not be sent and the returned message will be displayed to the user. The messages can stack so multiple checks can be done from different modules with different reasons why the invite wasn’t sent; however, once one module returns a message the invite will be cancelled.

Issues Resolved:
#2828060: Fixing typo in file
#2826585: Code cleanup and coding standard
#2825931: UI Improvement for Invite Screen
#2827185: Add “Resend Invite” to Operations Screen
#2826588: Non registered email ids can be invited

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Last updated: December 6, 2016 – 16:58
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New resend operation, user interface change, and bug fixes
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