Using Composer Manager to install Lullabot?

Hi! I’m struggling hard with installing Google AMP. After spending a couple months just to add the module (technical issues) I finally got it up and running and have been trying to get it to work for a while. Apparently this module requires something called Lullabot which needs to be installed through Composer Manager. Unless I am missing some very big step, it seems no instructions are provided anywhere to tell me how to use Composer Manager OR where to find Lullabot, haha.

When I open composer manager, this is what I see:

Package Installed Version Version Required by Module
lullabot/amp Not installed ^1.0.0

Required by: Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

I’m guessing it’s already loaded and ready to install, which probably came from the module. There’s no install button, though, but there is a note saying ” Composer’s install command must be run to generate the autoloader and install the required packages.
Refer to the instructions on the Composer Manager project page for installing packages.” I imagine this is the instructions for installing something, but clicking that link does not take me to anything helpful.

I tried googling information on how to use Composer Manager, but nothing clear is available. Mostly people talk about what it does, not how to use it. It sounds like it’s something that runs itself in the background, but then here I am trying to install Lullabot.

What do I need to do at this point to get AMP working?

Sorry if this sounds like an odd question or a simple fix, but this is a huge roadblock for us. If it is, maybe there’s something about Drupal I’m missing. It seems that these are elaborate modules which probably work very well, but are not usable because of a lack of instructions. Drupal’s frustrating that way. Most applications are like that, though.


Drupal version: