Viable CMS?

Hi All,

I’m completely new to drupal and first post on here. I am currently looking into using a new CMS for the company I work for.

We have a purpose built CMS but the resource is no longer available to keep it up to date, so I’m here.

The main feature of our CMS is the way it runs enterprise websites and I need a replacement CMS to do the same hopefully drupal can.

We currently have customers who run and manage different websites under an umbrella organisation. Some have the same theme and some are completely different, they all have completely different URL’s and it shouldn’t be obvious that they are linked. Some content is shared and a lot of resources are shared. The way this currently works in our CMS is via a hierarchy at the top is enterprise where shared content and resources sit, then groups and then sites, where the specific site content sits and the content/resources is pulled from the db depending on the config of the site and the hierarchy.

Just wondering if it’s possible to use drupal in a way that would achieve this, I’ve read about multi sites but that seems to be mainly sub domains from what I can tell and it doesn’t mention shared content and resources.

Would appreciate and advice.


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