View Block – Exposed Filter : Move "Items per page" selector to the top of the content

Hi everyone,

This is my problem of the day.
I would like to display the Items per page at the top of the content block.

I’m working on a View Block, this is an Exposed Filter with “Better Exposed Filter”.
For now, I’m doing this the dirty way with jQuery and a unstable DOMSubtreeModified bind.
I have a twig with {{ exposed }}, but Drupal doesn’t suggest me any deeper twig and if I had one, it wouldn’t access the Content div I guess. So I have no idea about how to do this.

Here is the div organisation :

    • form.views-exposed-form
      • Filter-1
      • Filter-2
      • Items-per-page (select)
  • div.view-block (with my content)

So, the idea is to move Items-per-page to div.view-block.
Or into another that I can create, here is the twig part :

<div class="exposed-block">
	{{ exposed }}

<div class="bmcp-view-block">
	{{ rows }}

How would you do this ?

Thanks in advance.

Drupal version: