Views 3: Last posted book pages

I have two content type Story and Chapter in a book structure like:

– Story A
+++ Chapter a1 (post: 3/10/14)
+++ Chapter a2 (post: 3/11/14)

– Story B
+++ Chapter b1 (post: 3/20/14)
+++ Chapter b2 (post: 3/21/14)
+++ Chapter b3 (post: 3/22/14)

Now, I want a View to list Story pages in order of recent posted Chapter pages, like:

– Story B: Chapter b3 (3/22/14)
– Story A: Chapter a2 (3/11/14)

How can I make it?

I try to use “Relationship: Book top level” in content-type Chapter to get titles of Story. But, Views returns the list like:

– Story B: Chapter b3 (3/22/14)
– Story B: Chapter b2 (3/21/14)
– Story B: Chapter b1 (3/20/14)
– Story A: Chapter a2 (3/11/14)
– Story A: Chapter a1 (3/10/14)

And, Aggregation does not help in this case.

Many thanks.

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