Views table with both dynamic rows and columns (fields)


I need to create a table to allow the dynamic selection of both rows and columns. As shown below,

The initial table looks like:

  Field1 Field2 Field3 Field4
Record1 a b c d
Record2 e f g h
Record3 i j k l


After selection, it becomes,

  Field1 Field3
Record1 a c
Record3 i k


And this table will be attached to a node, and the idea is to enable the data/sample preparation for future statistical analysis.

BTW, I noticed that views dynamic fields module allows the dynamic selection of fields (columns), and I am not sure how to make both rows and columns selectable.

Ideally, I would like to have table as follows, where [checkbox] indicates the checkbox widget.

  [checkbox]Field1 [checkbox]Field2 [checkbox]Field3 [checkbox]Field4
[checkbox]Record1 a b c d
[checkbox]Record2 e f g h
[checkbox]Record3 i j k l


Any ideas?




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