Views, using number of submissions of webform in a math expression field


I have a view that displays the number of submissions of a certain webform using a [webform_submission_count_node] field. That works fine. After filtering for the specific webform the number of submissions is displayed.

I now would like to add a field substracting this number from 100. I thought I could just add a math expression field. This fields display the calculations I enter (say 1+2) fine, however, when I use [webform_submission_count_node] (token from replacement patterns) it is displayed as zero and interpreted as zero in any mathematical expression.. So 100 – [webform_submission_count_node] displays 100. etc.

Only entering [webform_submission_count_node] displays 0.

What am I doing wrong here or is this not possible? Is there an alternative (preferable without an extra module)

Thanks, Jan

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