webform 8.x-5.0-beta6

Release notes

Webform 8.x-5.0-beta6


  • Experimental support for system tray integration – Requires 8.3.x with the System Tray module enabled. (@see #2850247)
  • Support for basic and composite multiple value elements. (@see #2849129)
  • View all wizard page elements (@see #2849764)

Changes since 8.x-5.0-beta5:

  • Issue #2848223 by jrockowitz, robpowell: Admin only fields hidden on view submission data
  • Issue #2850247 by jrockowitz: Experiment with system tray integration
  • Issue #2847617 by gokulnk, zerolab: Change YAML form Queue to Webform Queue
  • Issue #2847133 by jrockowitz, GreenSkunk, NYSolutions.com: Webform Address State/Province Select is Empty
  • Issue #2850963: Move delete element and handler to dialogs
  • Issue #2850995 by jrockowitz: Remove all instances of $entity->hasField(‘webform’)
  • Issue #2850963 by jrockowitz: Move delete element and handler to dialogs
  • Issue #2849764 by jrockowitz: Edit specific field data for wizard form
  • Issue #2850988 by jrockowitz, imclean: No options in webform entity reference field
  • Issue #2850885 by jrockowitz: Add ability to disable autocomplete for form and/or element
  • Issue #2850777 by keesje, jrockowitz: Why are webform modules features?
  • Issue #2848923 by jrockowitz, gd1008: View webform submissions permission
  • Issue #2847115 by jrockowitz, CatherineOmega: “Select other” field type “_other_” shown as default value in the “other” field
  • Issue #2850455 by jrockowitz: Add lookup_keys to webform config entity
  • Issue #2850247: Experiment with system tray integration
  • Issue #2849951 by jrockowitz: How to embed forms in other nodes
  • Issue #2849096 by facine, jrockowitz, jonhattan: Bring back hook_webform_options_alter()
  • Issue #2849799 by jrockowitz, ProperCroc: Button elements (webform-buttons) are not transformed to buttons, but stay radio-boxes
  • Issue #2828461: Change config entity to content entity
  • Issue #2842435 by jrockowitz, moustachu, shefki: entity.node.webform_submission.notes_form does not exist
  • Issue #2848863 by bucefal91: Source entity might not have canonical route
  • Issue #2849270 by jrockowitz: Allow entity autocomplete to use #multiple
  • Issue #2849129 by jrockowitz: Multiple value element not working properly with #states API
  • Issue #2848524 by jrockowitz: Add support for #multiple to composite elements
  • Issue #2848727 by jrockowitz: Deleting submissions triggers handler again
  • Issue #2848681 by jrockowitz: Convert “n” to PHP_EOL
  • Issue #2848237 by jrockowitz: Add support for #multiple to basic elements
  • Issue #2848440 by pifagor: Undefined method “toStringOption”
  • Issue #2848310 by grisendo: Error with WebformEntityReferenceTrait when entity is not translatable
  • Issue #2848457: ServiceNotFoundException: The service “serializer.normalizer.webform_entity_reference_item” has a dependency on a non-existent service “rest.link_manager”
  • Issue #2848042 by jrockowitz: Rework #type shorthand prefix handling.
  • Issue #2848152 by jrockowitz: Add link composite element
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