webform 8.x-5.0-rc9

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Change record since 8.x-5.0-rc8:

Changes since 8.x-5.0-rc8:

  • #2959352 by shobhit_juyal: Correction needed in comments in webform.api.php file
  • #2953929 by jrockowitz, igor.stamatovski: Remoted handler does not display messages when HTTP status is different than 200
  • #2957002 by jrockowitz, chrlvclaudiu: Same webform multiple times on the same page
  • #2959281 by jrockowitz: Add disable-tsl options to drush webform-composer commands
  • #2959135 by drupallerina, jrockowitz: “Expand All” has unnecessary class .link
  • #2958479 by jrockowitz: Invokation of webform_help in WebformHelpManager can cause other modules to fail
  • #2959088 by jrockowitz: Add filename format to managed file elements
  • #2959005 by jrockowitz: Add machine name to element submission display formats
  • #2938366 by jrockowitz: Only webform administrators are allowed to access this page and create new submissions
  • #2958612 by jrockowitz: Select other element is not working with in custom attributes
  • #2957074 by jrockowitz: Invalid Tokens in Email Handler
  • #2958237 by jrockowitz, landsman: Basic HTML UTF-8 to entities in title
  • #2957459 by jrockowitz: Incorrect results path
  • #2958099: Add Maestro (business workflow integration) to the list of available Add-ons
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