Webform not visible to anonymous users

Hi everyone,
I have inherited a site that has multiple Webforms on it, and created a new one for an event registration. The problem is that the new Webform will not display to an anonymous user – it shows up fine when logged in as an administrator. I have checked permissions for the form, checked that it is published, checked permissions for the Webform module itself, checked permissions for the content type, made sure that “Show complete form in teaser” is selected… I am pulling my hair out and cannot think why this form will not display, particularly as all the other Webforms display fine. I’ve even tried making it available as a block and putting it on a test page, and it is still not visible unless I am logged in as an admin.
Any ideas?

EDIT: None of the form fields are set to “Private” either.

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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/22/feed