Welcoming Rachel Lawson and Jordana Fung to the Drupal Community Working Group

The Drupal Community Working Group is pleased to announce the additions of Rachel Lawson and Jordana Fung. We began discussing the possibility of increasing the size and diversity of our group last year, and we are happy to take this important step. As both the community and the CWG evolve, we felt it was important to expand our numbers in order to better handle our current workload and to potentially provide more proactive contributions to the community, possibly including better support for local events, mentorship programs, and leadership training; all things designed to promote and support community health.

Rachel discovered Drupal and decided to go freelance as a site-builder, after years teaching IT to schoolchildren and providing support to UK defence and pharmaceutical companies. Her early experiences contributing at Frontend United and subsequently mentoring others at European DrupalCons developed her understanding that mentoring new contributors and working within community is a huge learning and growth opportunity in itself. So, it is no surprise Rachel is keen to assist the CWG with conflict resolution and possible future mentoring/leadership initiatives.

Jordana is a freelance, full-stack Drupal developer from Suriname, a culturally diverse country where the main language is Dutch. She has been increasing her participation in the Drupal community over the past few years by attending various local, regional, and international Drupal events as well as participating in community code sprints. She loves to spend her time learning new things, meeting new people and sharing knowledge and ideas. During our initial conversations with her, Jordana expressed an interest in helping with both conflict resolution as well as more proactive CWG projects.

The process to increase our membership was not taken lightly. As we are currently a small group with only 4 members who almost always come to a consensus, we are well aware that expanding our numbers will come with its challenges. We feel it is important that we find people who bring new experiences and skills to our group, as well as have excellent written and verbal communication skills – and lots of patience. We are fortunate that we have been able to find two people that we believe match all of our criteria. Once we, as a group, spoke with each Jordana and Rachel, we quickly voted unanimously to invite them to join the CWG. Dries Buytaert had no objections.

Rachel and Jordana will be joining us for the first time during our next meeting on May 9. Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be training them on our current processes as well as working with them to figure out how they can best contribute to the CWG in our continued effort to help maintain a friendly and welcoming community for the Drupal project.

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/8/feed