What are the important changes to make to my php.ini file?

I have a few questions about my PHP configuration settings. I am working on a local, single site installation on my Windows 7 PC under XAMPP.

First, within my c:/xampp/php folder, there are three related files: php.ini, php.ini-development and php.ini-production. As I understand it, it is the php.ini file that is operative unless either of the -development or -productions files were renamed to php.ini; thereby superceeding the original php.ini file. And, I also understand that the original php.ini file contains, in fact, the -development settings. Are these understandings correct?

Second, the original php.ini file contains the following line:


I understand that this value should be increased, but to what? Besides this change, are there any other important changes I should make to the php.ini file?


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