What technology to use to build a mobile app (Android & iOS) with below requirements?


I am new to building Mobile Apps, I am an Intermediate Drupal 7 Back-end developer.
I am required to build a mobile App in 4 weeks using any technology.


1. A form with Interactive Input fields like Slider-field, clickable Image(example, have a question: Which part of the body does the pain occur? Answer options: Body image with clickable body parts, and collect input according to the body part clicked), etc.
2. Show a summary page with Images / content according to the input data calculation.
3. Tap count monitor (results shown to the Admins only in the back-end)
4. A back-end for the admins, to monitor responses, to show statistics(with calculations), email alerts, etc (like in Drupal)

Please suggest what technologies to use for this.

Since I have experience with Drupal, I am for now going through Drupal tutorials with DrupalGap and PhoneGap. But with Drupal, I think its a lot of coding to be done for the Interactive input fields (please correct if I’m wrong). So wanted to know if there is any other technologies which is easier and less time consuming.

Any help with this is very much appreciated.

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