What’s new in Basecamp for iOS

Basecamp 3.5.1 is now available in the App Store. If you’re already a pro with Basecamp on your iPhone and iPad, you’re going to love this release. If you haven’t tried it yet, now is a great time to start taking advantage of these new time-saving features. While you’re installing the latest update, read this quick look at what’s new…

Swipe for your next unread

When you’ve got a bunch of unreads on Hey! and you’re cranking through them, it can feel like a chore to tap an unread, read it, then go back and tap the next one. Now you can simply tap an unread and when you’re done reading it, swipe-left to go to the next one! Repeat until you’re done. Here’s how it looks:

1. Tap an unread, 2. Tap OK, 3. Swipe-left to load the next one!

Search inside Basecamp

You probably already know you can swipe-down or swipe-left from the Home screen on your iOS device to search for apps, contacts, events, emails, messages, etc. Now Basecamp Projects, Teams and People also appear in these results. Want to Ping Mark? Just type his name into iOS Search to jump right to his profile card. It’s nice time-saver and handy shortcut to launching Basecamp right to the place you want to go.

Find someone in Basecamp and jump right to their profile. You can also search for Projects and Teams to reach them directly.

My Schedule

It’s new on your Home tab in Basecamp under My Stuff. See everything scheduled for you across all of your projects and teams in one place. You can also see this on the iOS Search screen when you enable the Basecamp widget that’s already installed if you have the Basecamp app.

My schedule across all projects. Also available in the iOS Widget.

Support for iOS 11

If you’re running a development build of iOS 11 or joined the just announced public beta, this release fixes a few issues we discovered. While we can’t offer full support for an unreleased version of iOS, we do our best to keep things working smoothly if at all possible.

Basecamp 3 for iOS is made by me, Dylan Ginsburg, Tara Mann, Zach Waugh and the rest of the team at Basecamp. It’s also available on Android, Mac, and Windows — anywhere you’ve got a web browser and an internet connection. You can try Basecamp free for 30 days, it just takes just a minute to sign-up.

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