Where to buy simple Drupal themes ?


Two weeks ago, for the first time, I bought a Drupal theme. It was at themeforest.com.

First, I got gobsmacked to discover that the archive was making more than 300Mio. When I extracted it, it was to discover what became a nightmare for me. The archive contained, a theme, modules and … database dumps. Nothing was working. Neither the theme itself, isolated, could work.

All I was needing was a theme I could use just like any Drupal theme that I download and drop in the themes directory. Modules that came with that themes, without even activating them broke the site. Even after deleting them, the WSOD continued until I reinstalled Drupal.

After visiting some few other theme sellers like “More than just themes” and “Zymphonies”, without making a purchase, it seemed to me that this is the way for everyone of those sellers. They don’t sell simple Drupal theme. They sell things that are half theme half Drupal distributions. Something that needs to be named. I thing Drupalstein theme may be a good name for that. They are just craps. They are a failure. When somebody is unable to reach the need of customers and centers everything around his own abilities.

Why can’t they just sell simple themes without including modules that may be different and cause incompatibility with the customer ones ? Why can’t they stop inserting database dumps ?

At last, the most important question, for me, where can I, when I need it, buy simple Drupal theme ?

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