Which version of Drupal to build entity "database" import/export XML documents

Hello, I have done a couple sites now with Drupal and a project I am interested has someone hard coding a website from scratch. I told them I thought that I thought Drupal should be able to handle this pretty easy. Otherwise will take months to code.

I am Familar with Drupal 7 but not real sure if I should stick with D7 or move to D8 and what modules I need to use to make this work. (Other than the normal modules and Entity with Fields as needed.)

What they are doing is building a way to save information into a database and be able to view it. The data is input via computer generated XML files from a data collection program. They also want to be able to export the data in the same XML data format.

I can figure out how to setup the data fields using Entity and probably take a day to setup something they can use but the hard part is figuring out how to import XML data and to a lesser extent be able to export the data as an XML file later. I am assuming there is a nice module that will handle this but after looking for 2 hours now I have not been successful and hope that someone here can point me in the right direction. I am assuming I will need to build some sort of translation file to read in the XML data and insert it into the Entity structure.

The XML would need to be uploaded via a file as well.

So essentially a user runs a data collection program that monitors a network for data. Specific data will be saved to an XML file of a specific structure. This XML file will then be uploaded to the site and the data extracted from the XML and added to the database. Once the publishing has been approved by a moderator to insure no malicious intent the data will be available for other members to view. Lessor priority is that the data should be available to download in the same XML format at a minimum but could also be downloaded as a PDF or CSV file assuming those are possible too.

Can someone suggest a Drupal Version that will work for me and what modules I will want to look at to use?

I saw a Feeds module but not sure if that will work? Thought I saw a module that used YAML files to write a translation for the XML file to parse into the database but not sure.

Thanks for any guidance that can be given!


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Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/20/feed

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