Why I can't register user as "authenticated" and "active" using RESTUI and RESTful Web Services


I’m trying to register a user with authenticated role and active status but I get 403 Forbidden.

This is what I’ve done so far:

Drupal 8.3

Rest Services module – enabled

Rest UI module installed and enabled

Permission for RESTful Web Services:

`Access POST on User registration resource` – Checked for all roles

In configuration => REST, enable resource “user” for POST with hal+json, and the authentication to cookies (I’m forced to check something)

Here is my Query:

POST your.drupal.website/user/register


Content-Type: application/hal+json
Accept: application/hal+json


“_links”: {
“type”: {
“href”: “http://your.drupal.website/rest/type/user/user
“mail”:[{“value”:”[email protected]“}],
“status”: [{“value”: “1”}],

Any help will keep my hair at its original colour 😉

Drupal version: 

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