Will drupal be a good choice for my project?

Hi there,

Last time I did a project with Drupal was with version 6, so I’m a bit disconnected as far as Drupal is concern.

I have a new project that consist in:

A website that will have a form. On the other side I will have a word file with around 100 pages all of them with a preestablished text.

What I’m looking for is to update in the word file some of the text that needs to be updated, for example; Name, Surname, Model Number, etc etc…

On top of all that, the availability of been able to fill in the form will only be available through payment, so people that pays will have access to that form.

So my question is; will Drupal do the job? If so, what version should I stick to?

Thank you

Source: https://www.drupal.org/taxonomy/term/20/feed