Workbench Drupal revisions

I have installed “Workbench Drupal” module and applied few configurations for a content type. Everything is working fine.

But the section where I got stucked are :
1 – I have provided permission to a ROLE to access the content type and that ROLE can publish / unpublish the job. Created a page from VIEWS and nodes related to that content types are appearing. But the problem is not all nodes are coming. Only those nodes are coming in which we have edited, recently changed. So how can display all the nodes which are already published. Right now only new nodes are appearing not old nodes.

2 – “Revisions of nodes”. For the same ROLE there are revisions are coming. For example if a node edited 5 times then the same node is appearing 5 times in the list. How I can hide / remove the revisions for a node ? Just wanted to show only latest edits of a node.

So please help me out in this.
Thanks in advance. Each and every response will be helpful for me.


Drupal version: