Working with WordPress templates lately has me wondering why people aren't using Drupal instead

I don’t want to frame this as an either/or discussion. Like some of you I also do WordPress work and find it to be a good solution for small businesses. However I sometimes buy WordPress themes in order to have a collection of instant features that I later customize and I’ve reached a point where I’m annoyed that the marketplace doesn’t turn to Drupal for some of those needs.

Diving deep into these pre-made themes really shows you the limits of WordPress. I’m using one now that is dependent on four 3rd party plugins that do everything Drupal core does. Now again, I know why some people use WordPress. One obvious reason, “It’s what they know” so I’m not faulting that. What I’m faulting is that I suspect people don’t even know what Drupal core does.

For those of you who don’t eff with WordPress much, there is no core admin access to content types, taxonomy, nor is there a “Views” concept in WP core. These is also no granular role/permission system. That means there are many WP themes that kludge this functionality. It’s become a big mess. A lot of work is put into this. A lot of kludgy work. It’s an area that I know Drupal can solve more easily and I wish more of the WP community knew.

I’m ranting because all of this just dawned on me. I though WP was mature enough to handle these features effectively and I realize that it’s still pretty unfocused.

Just wanted to rant about that for a sec.