wrangling media in a site I inherited…

Disclaimer: I am a skillful front-end user who can tinker with structure sometimes – but I’m now over my head. 

I’ve been hired by an association that had someone set up a dev site for them, and disappeared without leaving any documentation or support for the build out.

My current struggle is with resource wrappers. This site has 3 media types defined – document, image, and resource. Neither Document or Resource permit a link to an existing doc – which is really what I want. Their URL will not change, and several hundred docs are already uploaded to their site.

How can I edit the media type front end to allow:

a. linked docs

b. meta tags!

in my previous job we made gazillions of resource wrappers so we could tag the hell out of them and make our searching really smart. This minimal form (is that the word? what do you call the front-end screen for media type?) doesn’t have a field for metatags.

Please let me know what I can do, its fallen to me, a mere temp, to rescue this project. Apparently the developers wont take any calls – god knows what went down before I got here!

Only local images are allowed.

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