writing a voting result as a five star rating in views…

Hi All,

Got a question that I am stuck on. I am a bit of a newbie with Drupal, and am currently using version 7 and views 3.

I have a fairly complex view and setup (I think anyway). I have 3 content types involved. One called club, one called racing sailing event, and one called class racing sailing event review. The racing event review has five star ratings which are targeted at the racing sailing event. The racing sailing event is linked to the club node.

I have created a display using Vote results field and linked it in a relationship, and using the view aggregator plus module I have actually created the view that I was looking for.

The actual problem that I have though is that by using the vote results field the display is in numeric format however I wanted them in fivestar ratings format.

Does anyone know how I could do this? Guessing I need to create custom theme template file having done a bit of research around the net, but is there a fivestar function that I can use that will do the conversion for me?

Thanks for reading and thanks for any posts,


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