yamlform 8.x-1.0-beta21

Release notes

Security update

  • #2817535 Drupal file upload by anonymous or untrusted users into public file systems — PSA-2016-003

Changes since 8.x-1.0-beta20:

  • #2820256: Create yamlform_confirmation template
  • #2820180: Allow disable results warning and behavior to disabled
  • #2818881: Improve date element
  • #2819827 by cilefen: Submission settings token_update field description typo
  • #2819319: Add Time element (with timepicker)
  • #2818737 by jrockowitz, lotmatthu: Bug in Window Edit processed_text element while changing text format
  • #2818941: Change YamlFormMarkup element category from ‘Markup element’ to ‘Markup elements’
  • #2818369: Add warning to Status Report about loading external libraries via CDN
  • #2818715 by vivianspencer: Fatal error on upgrade
  • #2817337 by jrockowitz, lotmatthu: Instead of only Submit Button – Save Button for Administrators
  • #2814149: Add timezone options
  • #2813881: Add YamlFormExporter plugin
  • #2815783: Numeric elements should default to ‘any’ #step
  • #2815731 by KevinvdBurg: Rating questions – step not accepting point numbers
  • #2813569: Remove empty progress bar markup
  • #2811897: Add Handler to POST form submissions to any arbitrary URL
  • #2813333 by jrockowitz, jmarcou: Drush updb causes PHP Fatal error due to invalid schema version
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